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Welcome we are the finest in men’s grooming. We cater to the professional male . Our staff has the latest techniques in hair styles. We pride our self in precision cutting and a touch of old school straight edge razor shaves. At BASEMENT BARBERS we constantly participate in continuing education to bring you the best experience. Come on in and enjoy our internet cafe.  We have flat screens for your entertainment.  Take a look at our new modern feel and play a game of pool.


170 N Main St. Middleton Ma 01949
Dave’s Liquors Plaza

Basement Barbers of Middleton Mass has been open now for a few months. We have two full time guys there (Dave & Nick) that have been getting returning clientele. They love the area and the people of Middleton who have enjoyed the Basement Barbers experience. So if your in the area come on in to check out our new location with great Barbers who do it the modern way with an old school twist.



Barber pole use in barbering

The red and white pole outside barber shops references a time when barbers were expected to perform bloodletting and other medical procedures to heal the sick; red represented blood and white represented bandages. “Barber surgeons” in Rome also performed teeth extraction, cupping, leeching, bloodletting, surgery and enemas. However, today’s barber poles represent little more than being a barber shop that cuts hair and does shaves.[10] Barber poles have actually become a topic of controversy in the hairstyling business. In some states, such as Michigan in March 2012, legislation has emerged proposing that barber poles should only be permitted outside barbershops, but not traditional beauty salons. Barbers and cosmetologists have engaged in several legal battles claiming the right to use the barber pole symbol to indicate to potential customers that the business offers haircutting services. Barbers claim that they are entitled to exclusive rights to use the barber pole because of the tradition tied to the craft, whereas cosmetologists argue that they are equally capable of cutting men’s hair too (though many cosmetologists are not permitted to use razors, depending on their state’s laws).[11]










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